Guardian Fire Shield

Help Firefighters Help You!

The Guardian Fire Shield™ automatic fire suppression safety device is 10-year set-and-forget fire safety for your loved ones. Installation couldn’t be simpler: a 5” hole can be cut with a regular handheld keyhole saw, and the Guardian Fire Shield™ slides easily into this hole between floor joists.

Why do newer homes burn faster than old ones?

Research shows that 30 years ago, you had about about 17 minutes to escape a house fire. Today it’s down to 3 or 4 minutes. The reason: Newer homes and the furniture inside them actually burn faster. A lot faster.

16 x 16 protection

Independently tested to provide effective fire suppression in at least a 16’x16′ area.

5 mins installation

Installation couldn’t be simpler. A 5″ hole can be cut with a regular handheld keyhole saw, and the Guardian Fire Shield™ slides easily into this hole between floor joists.

10 years protection

Left alone, the Guardian Fire Shield™ can protect your loved ones and your valuables for 10 years (not including battery replacement for testing purposes).

Heat activated

Unlike water suppression, the dry-chem agent in the Guardian Fire Shield™ does not cause extensive damage when discharged.


Since cold temperatures don’t affect performance, the Guardian Fire Shield™ is perfect for use in outbuildings of all kinds (no power is required either).

Extreme cold

The heat-activated trigger means the Guardian Fire Shield™ will not discharge in the presence of smoke. It must be extremely hot (i.e. a real fire) in order for the unit to automatically discharge.

No water damage

The super-fine ABC dry-chem agent inside the Guardian Fire Shield™ cleans up easily with a vacuum in the event of a discharge.

Easy clean up

Operating independently, the Guardian Fire Shield™ can be placed virtually anywhere added protection is needed, without expensive plumbing or installation costs. The dry-chem agent used in the Guardian Fire Shield is safe when discharged, as it is essentially a form of baking soda.

Is it reliable?
What is an automatic fire suppression system?
Is the ABC Dry Chem inside the Guardian Fire Shield™ dangerous to my health?
Is the Guardian Fire Shield™ better than a water sprinkler system?
How long does the Guardian Fire Shield™ last?
Does the Guardian Fire Shield™ need batteries?
Does the tank have to be inspected every year, just like a fire extinguisher?
How long is the warranty?
Will just one Guardian Fire Shield™ unit protect my egress at all, or do I need several?
What will my insurance company think of the Guardian Fire Shield™ unit in my home?
Will it affect my home insurance?
How many do I need for my house, and where should they be placed?
In the case of a fire, and it dispenses, how toxic is it for people to breathe in?
In the event that it “goes off”, what is the clean up like?
How is it affected by cold? If I put a Guardian Fire Shield™ in the cottage and we shut down the cottage in the winter, will that affect it?
If you place this in the kitchen as the first place (where a Christmas tree is situated may be another place), how close to the fire hazard (stove, tree) does it need to be for it to work properly?
Is it rechargeable (is there an expiration time frame ) and does it need recharging or can it be recharged?
What is the minimum joist height required for installation?
What is the ideal ceiling height?
Has the Guardian Fire Shield™ been tested?
Is there a UL or ULC listing for this product?
Won’t this put a hole in my vapour barrier on the upper floors?
Can it then be installed in a wall instead of a ceiling?
In the ceiling, what supports the weight of the tank, since its weight is offset?
What are the exact dimensions of the Guardian Fire Shield™ unit?
Is it safe for pets?

Mel MercierMel Mercier is President of Cloud Hawk Security and is also:

  • 30-year fire services veteran
  • Recipient Fire Services Exemplary Service medal
  • Recipient Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal
  • British Columbia Director CVFSA, Past (Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association)

The Guardian Fire Shield™ frankly, is a brilliant product.

“The shear genius of the Guardian Fire Shield™ is its simplicity. This, coupled with the fact that it is a truly effective and readily acquirable product for anyone in need of automated fire protection, leaves no reason for it not to be included in an overall Fire Protection Plan. This is an extremely cost effective supplement to any other method of fire protection or as primary defense where none exists.

I am proud to be involved in the development and distribution of the Guardian Fire Shield™ devices.” ~ Mel